Dealing With Anger

In our ‘I want it my way’ culture, children are are growing up angry when things don’t fall exactly in to place. ‘What?! I can’t have 2 popsicles? Not fair!‘ So, what are we to do? Parents are often no better… I’ve seen your anger as you wait in the pick-up line, drop your phone (again), and fight traffic.

Maybe we need some tools. Progressive muscle relaxation teaches you how to relax your muscles through a two-step process. First, you tense particular muscle groups in your body. Next, you release the tension and notice how your muscles feel when you relax them. Sounds great, but how do I get my kid to use that?

Amazon to the rescue. The Angry Octopus is a storybook that teaches the steps to progressive muscle relaxation in a fun and entertaining way. Follow along as the octopus becomes more pleasant and calms his own anger. Plus, there’s more! You can also get the Angry Octopus coloring workbook that has over 30 additional ideas to help alleviate anger matched with a coloring page. It’s a great resource to pull out when you’re teaching your darling children that sometimes things don’t go as planned, but we make it through!

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